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Smartphones are everywhere!!!

They have become a part and parcel of life and the craze of photography is ever increasing. People want to do more with their phones. The popularity of apps like Tik Tok has increased the need for better photos on both selfie and rear cameras. People are increasingly ditching cameras for smartphones. Smartphones tend to be getting slimmer with improved technology getting packed in your pockets.

Earlier smartphones were riding on the dual-camera bandwagon, but the new standard seems to be a triple camera setup. The numbers may even increase with the unveiling of the Nokia 9 Pureview which has 5 cameras in its setup or there might be a replication of the periscope technology of the Huawei P30 Pro or the Oppo Reno 10x. Recently most phones have a dual-camera setup and it becomes difficult to pick and choose one with all the different features that each phone has. So, what is it that you are looking for while buying your smartphone?

Obviously, one of the most talked-about features of any smartphone camera is the megapixels. In the past two to three years, we have been seeing smartphones generally packed with a 12 MP or a 16 MP camera. This is changing in 2019, with the Huawei P30 pro or the Oppo Reno 10xand they have brought 48 MP cameras. They come with something called the time-of-flight sensor, which helps capture the depth while giving the bokeh effects. It essentially means you can zoom more, capture lots of details because of a periscope-like effect effectively created in the phones.

There has always been the notion more the megapixels, better is the clarity of the photos. But that’s not the only criteria to help your phone click better photos. The aperture size and sensor size determine how much detailed will be the image. The aperture size determines how much light falls on the sensor and helps to capture more detailed images even in low-light.

Similarly, the sensor size of your camera’s lens helps determine how much detail is captured in the image that is getting processed. The aperture size is usually indicated as f/number and the lesser this number, the better is the light coming through for bright photos. This must be backed up by a large sensor size, which is usually denoted in ‘μm’. The larger the size, the more detailed is your photo. The recently launched Redmi K20 Pro has a 48-megapixel primary camera with an aperture of f/1.75 and a sensor size of 1.6 μm. In budget phones, Samsung’s recently launchedA30 has a 16+5 MP rear camera and the 16 MP camera has an aperture of F/1.7. Generally, this configuration is enough for clicking decent photos in bright light and outdoor conditions. If you are looking to click selfies or want to take routine snaps, this sort of a configuration is more than enough. However, if you are a photography enthusiast and are looking for great images, you may want to dig deeper for additional features in your smartphone camera.

One of the most neglected features in the smartphone camera which greatly helps in your daily photos is Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). If your phone has this feature, it basically means your photos are less blurry. It also helps in auto-focus when you are capturing images of moving objects like your child, or a pet which never keeps still!! However, to overcome this, phones now come with Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) mode, which can be activated from phone camera’s settings. However, comparing photos clicked using EIS and OIS will help you in understanding the difference. This feature will be more useful when you are shooting videos and objects to keep moving.

But if you go by the best smartphone camera released last year, it obviously belonged to the Google Pixel 3. But it packs only a single lens. So how does Google do it? Essentially software plays an important role along with hardware to click the best photos. And the Google Camera on the Pixel 3 offers an HDR+ mode which gives you far better images than a dual or even a triple camera lens camera. Now the question is what is HDR? Essentially HDR stands for High Definition Resolution and it means that your phone captures a series of images when you click and combines all of them together to give you the best photo. Google is continuously increasing the features in the Google Camera and they now even offer a Night mode, which gives you bright clear photos even in low light. If you feel the Pixel 3 is beyond your budget, do look at the Pixel 3a which packs the same lens but with a less powerful chipset. Essentially, it may be slower in processing but will give you the same clarity in your photos.

So if you are a point and shoot person, who wants to click photos without a fuss, Google Pixel might be your go-to option. However, if you really look forward to clicking photos in manual mode and know the settings which come with it, there are plenty of options. The manual mode is superb in the Huawei P30 Pro and gives you greater clarity even when you zoom without losing clarity of the photos.

The competition is heating up with the advent of the 48 MP cameras. Google might rethink its strategy this year with the launch of Pixel 4. The wait is on and its an exciting time for photography enthusiasts who may no longer have to carry bulky cameras to click amazing photos.

For the photography enthusiasts looking for a steal on good camera phones- Gizmojo offers a range of unboxed & preowned phones at exciting prices. Did you miss on a model launched last year because it was stretching your budget too tight? You may just find it on, so no more regrets!

Now get top of the line smartphones for Rs.20000/-

Here’s where we showcase some of the popular phones which are feature packed yet reasonably priced so as not to pinch your pockets too hard.

Your desire to buy a best smartphone under Rs.20000/- ends here, read on. From late 2018, the smartphone industry saw a good number of launches in this range. The mid-range smartphone segment is the most active and competitive at the same time. Earlier there used to be a clear line between the mid-range smartphones and high-end smartphones, but now the lines have increasingly blurred out.

Most of these phones offer good performance and gives a tough fight to the high-end smartphones! These phones usually offer great performance, premium design and incredible camera performance at mid-range price!

These phones may not be powerful as high range phones but they certainly don’t fail to impress us given the price points. Let’s have a look of the options available at this price point:

Poco F1

If you want your phones to be high-performing, then Poco F1 will surely not disappoint you. It has 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage which is decent. The display screen is huge having length of 6.18 inches. The unit has three cameras, two rear and one front camera. The rear cameras are 12MP and 5MP respectively and the front camera is 20MP which delivers clearer photos with more details in lower light. It has a 4000 mAH battery because of which the charge lasts for a good one day. The POCO F1 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset which usually powers high-end devices. It gives the phone blazing-fast performance which can handle any games or apps with ease. If a no-nonsense performer is what you are looking for, then POCO F1 is your choice!

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Redmi Note 7 Pro

If you love clicking photographs, then straightaway head for Redmi Note 7 Pro for its 48 MP camera which gives amazing photos! The unit comes with gradient colors which gives a fancy high-end look to the phone. With 4Gb RAM, it offers good gaming performance and has 64GB internal memory. The display is 6.3 inch and sports gorilla glass both at the front and at the back. It has a good battery backup of 4000 mAH. It is the best mid-range to buy right now with all the above-loaded features.

Samsung Galaxy A50

If you are a Samsung fan, you will be flattered with this recent launch from Samsung. The smartphone has a built-in fingerprint sensor. It has 4GB RAM which ensures the phone runs smoothly and shows no signs of lag. It has a 64 GB of internal storage which can be expandable up to 512 GB. The phone has a good battery backup of 4000 mAH to support its 6.4-inch screen with Super AMOLED Display. It boasts of three back cameras of 25MP, 8MP and 5MP and a front camera of 25MP for your HD photos. It also supports face detection. One of the best buy from the Samsung family.

Nokia 7.1

All the loyal users of Nokia can rejoice with the launch of Nokia 7.1. The OS Android 9 Pie unleashes the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from your Nokia 7.1. It adapts to you and how you use your phone, learning your preferences as you go and improving over time, keeping things running smoother for longer. It has a 5.84-inch screen with LCD Display and a built-in fingerprint sensor. It has a 3GB RAM which ensures that phones run on a decent speed and doesn’t lag while running applications. It has a 32 GB of internal memory which can be expanded till 128 GB with a memory card. The battery backup is decent with 3060 mAH. The phone has a rear camera of 12 MP and 5MP and front facing camera of 8MP. The screen is protected by a durable scratch-resistant glass.

Oppo K1

Oppo never fails to amaze us with the new launches every now and then. One of the best buy of Oppo under Rs.20k can undoubtedly be Oppo k1. The phone is large with its 6.4 inch screen with super AMOLED Display and built-in fingerprint sensor. It has 4GB RAM for smooth functioning of its phone supported by 64 GB of internal storage which can be extended up to 256 GB via memory card. It has a dual rear camera of 16 MP + 2 MP and front camera of 25 MP for those beautiful selfies of yours!

What you saw so far are some great budget phones as of May 2019. However, there are some phones which some of us have been badly wanting, but couldn’t lay hands on coz they slipped out of the budget.

Here is where refurbished phones come to your rescue. Today refurbished phones available on sites like are as good as new. Refurbished mobile phones are professionally handled and restored to a superb condition. These mobile phones come with a 6 months warranty and all the basic accessories.

At Gizmojo you will get the best quality refurbished phones under the sweet price point of Rs.20,000/-. Check out and you just might find the phone of your choice or may be a phone you couldn’t even dream of buying in your budget!!

Following are some of the widely popular refurbished phones whose cost is under Rs.20000/- which might cost above Rs.20000/- when it’s a new phone.

Nokia 8.1

This phone has a solid built just like good old Nokia Phones and has a brilliant HDR Display. The phone has a dual rear camera of 12 MP and 13 MP respectively and a front facing camera of 20 MP for your wow selfies! It has 6.18-inch bezel-less display and a gorilla glass 5 protection for tough use! The design of the unit is slim and it has a rear fingerprint sensor and a face unlock feature. The phone runs seamlessly with 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 400 GB via SD Card. It’s one of the decent buys under this category of the amount.

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Samsung Galaxy A7

Enjoy incredible visuals and smooth gaming experience on the large screen of Samsung Galaxy A7. It is equipped with a powerful processor of 2.2 GHz Octa-core and 6 GB RAM for powerful processing, high speed, and smooth multitasking ability and to do more every time you unlock your phone. It has a triple rear camera of 24 MP + 5 MP + 8 MP and a 24 MP front facing camera to let you take your selfies in the clearest manner. With the triple rear camera and ultra-wide angle, images will be a visual treat and will turn your pictures into stories. This smartphone is designed with a 15.24 cm infinity display so you can enjoy your content in incredible clarity.

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Vivo V11 Pro

This smartphone has a 6.41 inch long screen. Further, its 6 GB RAM ensures better and improved performance. You can explore the smartphone for more time with long lasting 3400 mAH battery. Click beautiful and lively pictures with its 12 MP + 5 MP dual primary camera and 25 MP selfie camera for superior photo quality. Unlocking this unit has been easier with its in-built finger print scanning and face access.

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Oppo F11 Pro

This awesome Oppo phone comes with a 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory and is a great smartphone. It has a large screen size of 6.5 inch which will give you a fantastic visual treat. The camera quality delivers professional pictures to you with its 48 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera setup. The rising camera is placed in the mobile to avoid distorted images when placed on the side, making selfies look more natural. It comes with a VOOC flash charge which gives a 2 hour talk with 5 min charge. The long lasting battery of 4000 mAh gives you a further advantage to experience long hours of gaming and media function on the go.

We have taken you through an exhaustive list of new and refurbished phones to meet your budget. To check out the exact prices of the above listed refurbished models, you can visit and get yourself a refurbished phone which as good as new and get yourself a “value for money” deal.

Sell Your Old Mobile Phone for the Best Price

Cellmojo provides you all the latest info on latest mobile phone launches and reviews phones for you.

Here we talk about 5 best entry price Smartphones available as of April 2022 in The Indian market. Post covid, the budget phones market has seen a shift with slightly higher prices than 2 years ago. Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo still rule the budget and entry price range segment also popular are Infinix, Micromax. Most phones come packed with features like punch hole display, big screen size, Long-lasting & fast charging batteries, Multi-camera setups, good processor, and more at an aggressive price points. We have shortlisted of the 5 best smartphones in the under 15000 price range as of April 2022 for you to find the maximum value for your money. The 5 best phones in the market available as on date, starting at the top end of our price range- around 15000 and go lower.

Moto G51 5G

Moto goes aggressive with this mid priced phone ; the Moto G51 5G base variant is aggressively priced at Rs.14999. It has a tall 6.8-inch punch hole full HD display. Moto G51 5G is powered by an octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ processor & it comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, with expandable slots. This comes with a 5,000mAh battery too which gives very good battery life easily lasting a day of use. Moto G71 has a triple camera setup with a 50 MP primary camera, 8 MP ultrawide angle and a 2MP macro camera supported with autofocus & LED Flash. This 5G phone from Moto is comfortably priced at 14999.

You can drop the price further, sell your old mobile phone on & unlock the value in your old phone to buy the latest smartphone you like.

Realme 8i (5G)

Realme has probably the best all rounder phone at a price of Rs.13999. The base variant is 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage costs Rs 13,999.

It comes with 6.6-inch LCD display with a full-HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, with thin borders. This makes the phone suitable for binge watching video content. The MediaTek Helio G96 SoC powering the Realme 8i has been first launched in India with this model. The base model has 4 GB RAM, and the higher variant has 6GB RAM, but Realme offers the virtual RAM feature which allows the storage to be converted to RAM for higher performance.

Battery is good, lasting about 2 days with moderate usage. Multitasking functionality works well. Phone has a triple camera setup with a 50 MP Primary camera, 2 MP B and W camera & 2 MP macro camera. Portrait & selfie photos are good & sharp. Overall, this is a good value purchase at 13999.

Whats more, if you sell your old mobile on you get instant cash which you can use to buy the phone an make it even more affordable.

Realme Narzo 50A

Realme Narzo 50A has a 6.5-inch classic mini-drop fullscreen display. The smartphone has by a Helio G85 Gaming Processor for powerful performance supported with a 6000mAh battery which has Quick and reverse charging features. This makes it an excellent gaming phone at this budget. It comes with a triple camera set up with 50 MP primary camera, 2MP portrait lens, and a 2MP Macro lens; Selfie camera is 8MP. Phone has an attractive diagonal stripe design and is priced Rs. 11,499- making it an excellent value for money phone.

Sell your used mobile online on and buy this latest phone from realme at a steal.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime

This is one of the few phones just under 10K on which high-intensity gaming can be enjoyed effortlessly while retaining graphics. The phone has a 6.53” Full-HD+ display a 5,020mAh battery that lasts a day with above average usage easily. The MediaTek Helio G80 SoC processor with a 4 GB RAM gives it reasonable multitasking ability. The Redmi 9 Prime comes with a quad camera setup (13MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP) which gives it workable versatility.

The base variant of 64 GB is attractively priced under 10k & is in huge demand; the higher variant is price just above 10k, and still very affordable. Whats more, you can sell your mobile for best price on, get paid instantly at your doorstep & use the value in your old phone to purchase a brand new model.

Infinix Hot 10s

This is a tall phone as well at a pricepoint of 9999 with its 6.82” HD display. It has the ultra-powerful Helio G85 Octa-core processor supported with a 4 GB RAM giving a good performance. Hot 10S features a 48 MP AI Triple rear camera setup (48 + 2 + AI) & a 8 MP selfie camera with dual LED flash. Highlight of the phone is the powerful 6,000 mAh battery supported by a power marathon technology which extends battery life by 25%.

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Other notable phones under 15000

Some other great phones in this price range are- Realme Narzo 30A that packs a lot of value at 8999, Xiaomi Redmi 10 Prime at 12499, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 at 13999, Samsung Galaxy M32 at 14999. These are also power packed value for money phones that may appeal to someone & appeal even more if you sell old mobile online & get cash to finance new purchase.

Sell used mobile phones, fund your new purchase

It is very easy to get some money from your old phone sell it online on Just visit, select the brand, model & variant of your existing phone & get the best price for your used mobile phone. The price you see after self evaluation is the price you get- we offer transparent inspection & on the spot cash for your old phone. Use the cash to buy the latest smartphone you like!

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