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Which Smartphone features are Good For You?

We all love to keep upgrading with the latest technology & keep in touch with the latest trends on gadgets in the market. On an average, every person changes their handset once in 2 years- either out of necessity or joy. But what happens to the old mobile phones? We either pass them on to someone in the family, someone who needs it, but more often than not, it ends up lying around in the house, not utilizing its full value. Ever wonder what happens to all old phones?

India has 1.1 billion active smartphone users, 12% of which ends up in scrap every year- this percentage is growing every year. Less than 5% of this is recycled or discarded sustainably, in an environmentally safe manner. India is a global rank #3 in e-waste generation & smartphones constitute a big chunk of this.

At Cellmojo, we are stepping in to play a role in reducing the e-waste by facilitating reuse and recycling of devices. We offer best in the market buy back value for used phones, do a free evaluation of the phone at the customer doorstep at their convenience & pay the agreed value on the spot. Selling an old phone has never been this easy & convenient!

How to Sell your phone on Cellmojo

If you have any old phones to sell, head straight to our home page and follow the steps

Our team will then contact you for scheduling a visit by our agent. The agent verifies the phone and evalautes the phone in the same manner that you did. Upon a closure, he will proceed to pay you the money upfront and collect the phone after factory reset.

Our Team

Mahadev Bhosale: Founder & CEO IIM(A); 24+ years of experience in Marketing & Business Management Ex-Director, Ingram Micro- Managed a Billion $ Business working with vendors like Apple & Samsung and customers such as Flipkart & Amazon. View profile

Renuka Sagade- Ganapathy: Co-Founder & COO IIM(I); 11+ years of experience in B2C Online & Offline commerce Spearheaded online commerce & product category management at Raymond & Lavie brands. View profile

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