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The selling Process Explained
How does it work!
certified pre-owned phones from gizmojo

Hassle-free valuation and free pick-up

As you follow the simple steps on our site, you will share with us the details of the phone such as the brand, model and variant. You will then be presented with an approximate price that you can receive for the phone. If you agree, you continue to provide us more details like your contact information. We will then arange for a visit by our field agent. The agent will check the physical condition and functional aspects of the phone in a quick 5-miute process. He will then offer you the exact amount that we can pay for the phone. If you agree, you will be requestd to provide a copy of your ID and sign a decalration. The agent will then proceed to give you cash or transfer by UPI the amount agreed before he picks up the phone from you.

Certified Pre-Owned Phones
Best Quality, Lowest Prices
certified pre-owned phones from gizmojo

What Can you Expect from a Gizmojo Certified Phones! Each Gizmojo CPO phone goes through a series of tests in order to be called a certified phone. When you buy a gizmojo phone, you are laying your hands on a pre-owned phone but with all the qualities of a new one and yet you pay less than half the price that you would for a brand new device. Explore Now

Unboxed Phones
certified pre-owned phones from gizmojo

Unboxed but never used

What Are Gizmojo Unboxed phones ! We have a wide variety of the latest products from leading brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi Oppo, Vivo. These phones have been unboxed by another customer but they never used them. So you can get a brand new device but with a discount of more than 20% Explore Now

About Us
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Gizmojo is a re-commerce marketplace that connects the end users on the one hand with businesses on the other, so that the customers are able to buy, sell or exchange their used phones with certified pre-owned mobile devices offered by these businesses. At Gizmojo, our mission is to "enable customers to stay current with the latest technology at incremental price points via the Gizmojo Phone-as-a-service model" By promoting the reuse of electronic devices, we help control the generation of eWaste and hence contribute to conservation of the environment. Buy now Sell Now Exchange Now

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