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Why Cellmojo is the best platform to sell your phone?

Finding the best place to sell your Mobile phone online can be difficult and even tedious to find a reliable buyer. A mobile phone will make it easier for you to sell your old mobile phone online at the best price. We use a patented valuation tool where you can compare different cell phone models, and repurchase offers from large online buyers of old cell phones. You saved energy and time and quickly started selling us an old smartphone. Cell mojo promises the best experience selling mobile phones online. If you sell your phone online through us, you can compare shopping offers from reputable buyers and sell the equipment quickly.

Today, with so many smartphone options available, everyone wants to switch over to the new model & do it quickly. But there is the question of spending money on new phones, while the old phones lie unused. Especially when there is no defect, you may feel guilty spending more to get a new phone. How to balance the two- getting a new phone as well as not worrying about disposing off your old phone? Simple! Sell your phone online on Cellmojo!

Are you looking to Sell your used mobile phone?

There are many options to sell your mobile online. Amongst all options, Cellmojo is the best site for you to sell your used smartphone for instant cash. We give you not one, but many reasons to do the same. We have a database of over 2000 mobile phones models across all leading smartphone brands be it Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo or any other; if you have a 4G smartphone, you can sell it on cellmojo. We constantly keep adding more models including those launched over a year ago so that even if you are eyeing the latest smartphone launch and want to sell old phone still in great condition, you can do so on Cellmojo. Cellmojo offers door-step inspection, free pick-up, best prices assurance, instant payment in cash or UPI. Most importantly, cellmojo is the best website for selling phone online because we offer hassle-free & transparent evaluation of your phone condition.

Best price assurance

When you visit our web-app, you can choose the brand, model and variant of your phone using a great interface or select phone you want to sell from a list of trending phones, recently sold used phones and highest prices. Once you select the smartphone that you wish to sell on cellmojo, you are shown a price that you are likely to get. To know exactly how much you can sell your mobile online for, you will do a self-evaluation of the phone. Select whatever is true for your handset- the presence of scratches, dents or any other defect. Don’t forget to select if you include accessories such as brand-box, charger and adapter. You will be able to instantly check how the prices change depending upon the valuation of your used smartphone. Next you input imei number of the phone. If at the time of placing your request, you do not have your mobile handset, you can provide this later, but it is compulsory to provide IMEI. Finally, you will be required to provide us your contact details including your phone number and email ID. That’s it! Your request to sell your phone is registered with us with a request number syp-XXXX. Using this reference, you can come back & provide the IMEI as also the pictures of the front, back and sides of the actual unit that you plan to sell.

Instant payment

Our team then verifies the IMEI number and will contact you to ascertain your interest in selling the phone. We then ask our pick-up agent to schedule a visit within 2-3 working days at your convenience. The agent does his own evaluation of the phone using the exact same tool which you have used at the time of placing your request in your presence- this is why we claim our evaluation is transparent! If you agree to the price that shows after evaluation, you get paid at the same time online instantly! Now don’t you agree that Cellmojo is truly the best site to sell phone!

If you compare us to other websites that buy phones online from customers, we give the best price , best & personalized service and are completely upfront about prices, there are no hidden charges! What you see is what you get! You can also leave your feedback for us to improve if you think we can do better. Try us yourself, if you like the service, do share with friends and family & help them unlock some value from their old phones as well.

Thus with best prices for old phones, quick response on requests, free doorstep pickup, transparent & quick evaluation of your phone; we think you have indeed found the best website to sell phones online if you’ve visited Cellmojo. Do you agree??

The best value for your cell phones Cell Mojo offers the most value to your mobile phones because we don't value customer satisfaction and want to expand our customer base in the marketplace. No misuse of equipment or data. You can be sure that your cell phone is handled safely and never falls into the wrong hands. Our experts ensure all your information data is deleted when loading before your eyes. Fast and hassle-free Make a deal in just three steps! Saying goodbye to standing at the counter and negotiating or foolishly responding to messages from potential buyers. Best price - zero problem!

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