Refurbished mobile phones- a necessity


Smartphones are everywhere!!!

There are more than 7 Bn people globally owning a smartphone or a feature phone, which is almost 91% of the world population. Each year for the last 5 years, at least 1.5bn new phones are getting sold world over. With newer, fancier features, everyone eyes the latest smartphone with top end features, prettier looks; sometimes it is just a necessity with the old phone not performing up to the mark. So when 1.5 bn new phones are getting added, at least 1bn phones are getting discarded globally. Imagine the amount of e-waste being generated just from mobile phones! Over 70% of heavy metals in landfill wastes come from e-devices and if we are to avoid any harmful effects of the same, it is high time we understood the importance of same disposal of eWaste

To sell used mobile phones is a way which lets you not only dispose off your gadget in a safe way, but also helps you make some money while you’re doing that. Now it is easy to sell old phone online and get cash quickly. cellmojo is the best site to sell your mobile phone online with easy model selection, quick and simple evaluation of phone condition and finally submission of contact details for the phone to be picked up. But more on that later.

Let us look at some benefits of selling your phone to a refurbishing unit-

You get your money back

this is the most important reason why you should consider to sell old phone online- not only are you doing good for the environment, but also for yourself. When you sell your phone to a refurbisher, you get paid for the value of the phone which is a function of the current market price of the phone. Online portals like Cellmojo offer you the best price for your old phone. You can choose to sell the mobil for best price on cellmojo and get paid in cash instantly at the time of pickup. You unlock the value in your used phone fully by selling it to a refurbisher than any unorganised market player where safe disposal is not guaranteed.

You save a phone from going into landfill

We cannot stress the importance of this enough. With billions of phone getting discarded every year, the lithium-ion batteries are a real threat of polluting the soil and groundwater. In addition, 60 different metals, including rare earth metals are present in mobile phones which need to be mined over and over for the continued production of new phones. And the used metal is just wasted if not recovered appropriately. If you sell old phone online to any refurbisher they can consume the consumable parts of the phone, and disposal of the balance is channelised properly through good e- waste disposal practices.

Unnecessary mining activity is avoided

With the same parts getting reused, of the phone getting reused with minor repairs, you contribute to avoiding some of the mining process that goes into building of an entire new phone. It is estimated that 6-7 kg of high-grade gold ore is mining is done to make a single mobile phone. Huge amount of mining of other rare metals is also required for the components of the phone. Increased mining for these metals leads to adverse impact on the environment from the extraction stage. High consumption has already led them to be listed as ‘endangered metals’, as they are available in limited quantities Every component whose life is extended when old mobile sell is saving unnecessary mining.

Carbon footprint is lower

Smartphone production adds to 80-90% of carbon emissions by the device. This is because of the entire supply chain from mining, to part production to assembling, to shipping, usage and; finally disposal. The sooner you dispose, the more emissions are getting generated leading to larger carbon footprint- which is not good in this world where climate change is a very serious issue.

So many compelling reasons to sell used mobile phones, but people still hold on to old phones for various reasons. Some have sentimental values associated with their old phones- “This was my first phone”, how can I sell my mobile which was gifted to me by my parent/partner/friends etc? Some times the reasons are more practical- I don’t know how and where to sell my phone. I don’t know if my data will be compromised on selling the phone. I want only the best price for my used phone, but I don’t know how to get that.

Cellmojo cannot resolve your emotional conundrums, but it can surely provide an answer to the practical aspects of selling a phone

·      Where to sell old phone
You can sell used mobile phones for the best price on cellmojo by visiting, it is indeed the best site today in India to sell phone online. Even if you search “how to sell used mobile phone” for any location in India, you will see Cellmojo emerge as one of the popular options. So don’t think twice, just sell my mobile for best price on Cellmojo

·      How to sell old phone
Once you are on, select your phone brand & model details- you will get an estimated price for the model you are selling. Proceed with self evaluation to get a more accurate price estimate. Then you provide your contact details, images of the phone & iMEI. You can share IMEI & images at a later time if you’re short on time. Cellmojo agent will reach out to you to confirm your details. We fix an appointment for pickup at your convenience & visit you for no cost, evaluate your phone with our transparent grading system, and if you like the price we offer, pay you on the spot!

·      How to get the best price for old phone
 As we’ve said already, just go to, enter phone details, get quote for your model. Do the self evaluation for your phone honestly which follows. That gives you an accurate estimate for your phone. This is the most transparent phone evaluation system today which any online purchaser is following. The same self evaluation form will be used by our agent when he visits you for pickup of the phone. If your and the agent’s evaluation of your phone matches, you will get the full amount quoted, no questions asked! Whats more, if you apply any promo code, you get additional cash for your phone. You will agree hands down that old mobile sell is best on Cellmojo.

Now do not wait anymore, just take your old phone, visit & sell it online; help recycling of phones & protect the environment while making some cool cash!

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