Is It Safe To Sell An Old Android Phone|Cellmojo

Is It Safe To Sell An Old Android Phone|Cellmojo

It may sound like a very easy task when you decide to sell an old android phone, whether online or to a cell phone or electronics store. But, in reality, before selling your old android phone to someone, you need to take care of a lot of checks. In the following article, you will know about the risks and steps that are mainly involved in selling any old android phone. Also, you would get a satisfying answer to a question like “Is it safe to sell an old Android phone?”

Ensure Data Security While Selling Your Old Phone:

Regarding Android Phones, there is no such provision or a secure way to delete your data. Even if you reset your android phone, your data can still be easily recovered by any person with some technical know-how on how to recover data. But you don’t have to worry. There is a way to remove all your data from your old android phone that you are planning to sell. So for that you have read the article till the end carefully, and you will have all the information regarding that.

Before you any sell your phone online , just after formatting your phone, try to load your phone with random images, music and videos. Then, you can perform a factory reset on your old android phone. You can carry out this procedure as often as you want. With the help of this procedure, you can easily remove your old data, and even if any person gets hold of some of your old data, he/she will only get to see random images and videos. So, this is a simple process with the help of which your data will be secured when you sell your old android phone.

Be Transparent While Having Words With Buyers: -

You might want to sell your old android phone because of hardware or software issues. While selling your old android phone, inform the buyer about the technical issues. Initially, it may sound that informing the buyer about the issues could create a problem, and the buyer may not agree to buy the phone. But, it would give you a better chance to sell your phone, and at the same time, the buyer will not feel cheated post buying the old android phone.

Moreover, when you have words with your buyer, take some time and explain to your probable buyers the special features they would be getting if they buy your old android phone. Also, let them know what functions the phone does better. You may meet some tech enthusiasts on your quest to find a buyer for your old phone. But, not everyone will be updated or aware of the latest technology. So, while selling your phone online, it is also important to care of these things otherwise you may have to face some problem in future.

If you sell your old phone online without telling the buyer it’s problems then the buyer may file a case of fraud against you in the court. So, it is always a better idea to tell all the things about your old phone while selling online.

Timing Of Selling Your Phone Is Essential: -

If you want to sell your old android phone, be quick to get rid of your old android phone. The smartphone market moves rapidly these days, with the launch of a new flagship today having a premium price tag that might not be worth that much after a month’s use. So, the longer you wait, the longer your phone’s value will become less. So, it is so important to take care about the timings.

One of the best ways to go with it is to sell your old android phone as soon as you get the news about the introduction of the next-generation model. As you start hearing rumors about the next-gen device, make up your mind to sell your old phone and look for buyers. This way, you can easily use the latest device as soon as it launches in the market, and also you will save your money, as you would be getting a better price for your old phone with this method, and yes it is completely true that the early you will sell your phone online the chance of getting a huge amount is very high.

For Your Personal Safety: -

If you are selling your old android phone through different online websites or marketplaces such as, or any other websites or marketplaces, try to talk with the buyer in person, taking all the safety measures. There are numerous stories where the exchange did not turn out to be good for the seller. But, this would not stop you from your goal of selling your old android phone. Just follow the instructions given by us and you will never be cheated by anyone while selling an old phone online. When you are thinking to sell your old phone online to a person, then you must have to take care of some things. Below are some precautions that you can follow while selling your phone online: -

  1. Ensure that the location you choose to meet the buyer in person is safe, like a public area, and try to schedule your meeting during daytime hours.
  2. Ensure the buyer meets during busy hours like 1 PM to 6 PM.
  3. Let your partner and close friends know about your meeting place and share all the details. And if possible, ask them to accompany you while you attend the meeting.

Final Words: -

Many people sell old android cell phones either in exchange for the latest model of the device they are using or to get rid of the old one. There are no such high-risk factors you might experience while selling your old android phone to anyone. Following the above-mentioned risk factors, helpful tips and suggestions, you can easily sell your old android phone very quickly.